Message of the Institute Director General

Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, 

It gives me a great honor and pleasure to extend my message on behalf of the Ethiopian Water Technology Institute (EWTI). First, I would like to express my heart-felt gratitude to all of you who are contributing your incredible efforts for the institute.  EWTI is the only Federal government capacity building, research and technology transfer hab.

One of the major challenges in developing countries like Ethiopia is the shortage of skilled human resources in the service delivery to the general public. Although the country strives to deploy the required workforce in different water sectors, especially at the lower administrative levels, it was not possible to fulfill the target set by national and sectoral Plan. 

The government of Ethiopia has implemented various strategies with in its national development plan, one of the strategies is providing and increasing access of safe water supply and making modern sanitation service to all nations. To succeed this goal the country must have advanced and skilled man power on water sector in all level.

Accordingly, the government of Ethiopia established Ethiopian Water Technology Institute by the Council of Ministers Regulation No. 293/2013 as one of the very essential institutes during the first GTP period in August 2013.

EWTI’s mission is to realize nationwide rapid development in the water sector through capacity building, research and study for technology transfer, specialized laboratory and competence service that improve the sector’s overall implementation capacity.

My sincere gratitude also extends to Ministry of Water and Energy (MoWE) and EWTI staffs, regional water and energy bureaus, universities, colleges, Water utilities, as well as the consistent support of our domestic and international partners for their meaningful contributions to our overall success.

I would like to send out my message for our stakeholders to stand and support EWTI to realize our vision aspire to be a center of excellence in capacity building and technology transfer in water sector in East Africa in 2030.

At last, I would like to reiterate my best wishes to all our EWTI community. May the coming years be years of success and more accomplishments for you all!


Dr.Tamene Hailu,

Director General of the Ethiopian Water Technology Institute